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Engagement & Wedding Cards

Browse our beautiful collection of greeting cards to announce your engagement, ask her to be your bridesmaid, him your groomsman, or to congratulate them on their wedding day. All of our wedding cards and engagement cards are eco friendly, and sure to raise a smile.

Many many MANY years ago, ancient peoples began the practice of marriage as a means to grant themselves the physical security to have children. The world was a dangerous place back then (in Europe we can imagine wolves at every turn), and people were safer in pairs and groups.

DID YOU KNOW: the modern day 'honeymoon' has its roots in these ancient times, when newly weds would drink a honey based mixture to aid their fertility during particular lunar phases.

The modern day engagement and wedding has evolved from this, with the church taking an interest from around the 5th century and formalising proceedings from about the 12th century onwards.

Wedding Cards & Engagement Congratulations

Nowadays of course, a wedding is a meticulously planned affair, with great expense and often a huge gathering of family and friends. Giving greeting cards to congratulate someone on their engagement, wedding or to ask someone 'be my bridesmaid' or groomsman are a lovely addition to the planning and organisation of this (hopefully) once in a lifetime event.

Eco Friendly Bridesmaid Cards

As much as we love cards, we love the Earth too! So we have carefully sourced our card to ensure it is made from sustainable sources in the Northern hemisphere - no rainforest has been harmed to send your happy birthday wishes. The finish on our wedding & engagement cards is important too; we supply only matte card, and the lack of any gloss or sheen means the card can easily be recycled when it is finished with. Finally, we supply all of our funny bbridesmaid cards clear biodegradable sleeves made from corn starch, along with a recycled envelope.

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