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Birthday Cards

Funny birthday cards, cute birthday cards and rude birthday cards! All unique, digitally hand illustrated by us and absolutely 100% guaranteed to raise a smile. We design birthday cards for adults and children and all of our birthday cards are printed quickly to order on sustainable card stock. We deliver our birthday cards worldwide. Sort birthday cards by recipient below:


Nothing says happy birthday quite like that folded piece of card, does it? Sure you could send a text, or write something on their Facebook wall, but if you really want to show them you care it's folded card all the way! We love designing birthday cards - after all, birthdays are a happy occasion and its lovely to have them recognised by family and friends.

Eco Friendly Birthday Cards

As much as we love cards, we love the Earth too! So we have carefully sourced our card to ensure it is made from sustainable sources in the Northern hemisphere - no rainforest has been harmed to send your happy birthday wishes. The finish on our birthday cards is important too; we supply only matte card, and the lack of any gloss or sheen means the card can easily be recycled when it is finished with. Finally, we supply all of our funny birthday cards clear biodegradable sleeves made from corn starch, along with a recycled envelope.

Birthday Cards for Any Occasion

We stock big birthday cards such as our happy 50th birthday Elvis card, we stock cards by month, such as our December Tanzanite birthday card, we stock card by recipient such as a our happy birthday husband card, and we plenty stock funny birthday cards too! Looking for a birthday card for a child? Yep, we've got you covered. We are adding to our collection of birthday cards all the time, and soon we hope to have the most enormous and amazing collection you'll ever see. Do check back regularly to see what we've added, or alternatively add us on Facebook or Instagram where we tend to showcase new birthday card designs.

Thank You

Without our customers we are nothing, and we are grateful for each and every birthday card purchase. To show our gratitude, we print and ship super quickly and our customer service is the best you will find.