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Welcome to the HabFab Happiness Project

Posted by Abbie H on

where the magic happens!

I thought I would start this blog with the obligatory HELLO AND WELCOME post. I am not entirely sure where I am going with this blog long term, I only know that I need one, so please forgive the rambling in advance.

So yes, welcome to HabFab! My name is Abbie and I am a 40 year old mum of four. I've worked in a pretty stressful role for the last decade or so, and I fancied starting up a 'gentle' and fun business where I could really get my creative juices flowing. I've always loved to draw, I've always loved puns and laughter, so a greeting card and giftware company seemed like the perfect fit for me. It's a saturated market and every man and his dog seems to make cards nowadays, but hopefully I can bring something unique and give it a good shot. And hey, even if I am not retiring to Barbados in a few years having sold HabFab for millions, at least I will have had a lovely time smiling and drawing lots of cool stuff in Adobe Illustrator.

Which brings me nicely onto my next topic: Adobe Illustrator. What a fabulous bit of software this is, but it was one that I could not use until October, despite having many years Adobe Photoshop experience under my belt. Adobe Illustrator is really quite crucial in the design business, since it creates what are known as 'vector images', the beauty of which is that they can be infinitely scaled without losing quality. The problem with software like Photoshop is that the graphics are all raster based, and will lose quality when increased in size.

Anyway, in order to get my head around Adobe Illustrator and prepare myself for HabFab, I took myself off on a little course with a lovely chap called Terry at Certitec in Cardiff. For two days he helped me and the other participants navigate our way around Illustrator and in particular get us used to the available tools. Extravagant on a budget yes, but invaluable for this little business and it's really set me off in a firm footing.

On 5th November I put a few cards up on Etsy. Swiftly followed by eBay, Folksy and Amazon. I sat and waited and slowly sales came through in dribs and drabs. Then I had a great idea for a range of funny Christmas cards and boy did that make a difference! By 25th December I am pleased to say I had sold about 500 of the bloody things. I was so thrilled.

And so here I am. Beginning of January, Christmas done and dusted and excited about that 2020 will bring. A card a day is my motto at the moment, so I will add a new item to the shop every day throughout 2020 and see where that takes me. I say card, but I have plans for mugs and other bit and bobs too. Watch this space.

Oh and hey, follow me on Facebook and Instagram will you? It's always nice to have friends. Especially digital ones that don't take up too much energy.


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